Now you can maintain high CAD Standard levels in your DWG files

CAD Standards Report4 © is designed to thoroughly check multiple AutoCAD files for compatibility with project standards defined in a master template file, ensuring all files are compliant with the CAD standards, improving overall project workflow. The application generates a detailed error report after comparing all project standards as contained in the template file (layers, styles, block etc.). CAD Standards Report4 © is imperative for any organization required to produce files compliant with CAD standards and QA demands. Using CAD Standards Report4 © does not require special knowledge of AutoCAD©.

The "Report" application is specifically suitable for GIS (Geographical Information Systems) projects where data quality is critical. Large infrastructure projects also rely on excellent data quality for interoperability between the different partners in the project. Examples of projects where "Report" was extensively used for maintaining CAD Standards and Quality are "Derech-Eretz" Highway 6 project and the Tel Aviv Light Rail "Red-Line" project ("IMB" and "IBI_RHDHV"). See the Projects page for more details.

CAD Standards Report4 © works in compliance with all DWG files generated from Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 ©, AutoCAD Civi1 3D ©, AutoCAD Map 3D ©, AutoCAD Architecture ©, AutoCAD Electrical ©, AutoCAD Mechanical © and all other AutoCAD vertical products.

With the application your organization can easily check incoming DWG files or files created in-house for compatibility problems to defined standards. The application generates a detailed report addressing various issues:
• Are Layers according to Standard?
• Are Text Styles according to Standard?
• Are only Standard objects included in the files?
• Is every object inserted on the correct Layer according to the Standard?
• Are only Standard Blocks included in the files?
• Are all block definitions correct according to the Standard?
• Is every block inserted on the correct layer according to the Standard?
• Are any objects on Layer 0?
• Are all objects defined "By-Layer"?
And more user defined standards.

CAD Standards Report4 © requires the same hardware and software configuration as your AutoCAD© product.

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